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You can tell this post is gonna suck so I'm gonna take a break. Feel free to suck on this coconut by the way, it's pretty fresh.

Here we are….like the franchise I’m trying to insert [it’s Star Wars if you can’t pay attention to the middle part of my writing] this is where it ends [very miserably].

This is the end guys!I’m going to wrap up this thread and start anew a series blog,  so pull up a coconut and allow me to chop it for you so we can enjoy some fresh coconut juice on this last ride!

[You might wanna step back a bit….general rule of thumb is that pointy objects and me don’t mesh very well]

This blog started out really loosely about the topic of technology and how it changed communication [specifically the way we communicated] and how it evolved alongside our culture and civilization. Then I jumped unto the topic of social networking too many times and got stuck in it.

Really, times are a changing. Back then you had to go to a specific club for your interests or go outside and attend a party or a social gathering just to meet new people . Back then everything we needed required our physical presence in order to be done.

Take for example banking

Back then…

You usually get to talk to these nice old ladies and there's usually a glass of Tang afterwards


Above is wellsfargo, one of the bank that let’s you do everything at the comfort of your own home and if you needed technical help you can call them up from your computer with Skype’s call feature , yes, Skype can even call landlines. You really don’t need a phone once you have a computer and a decent internet speed.

Going back to my 3rd blog post, Social Network is a connection between individuals. It has been useful in keeping in touch with people even when you are oceans apart [for example, my friends greeted me on my birthday a week ago a day early [technically it was a day ahead in the Philippines but a day later here]

Really…the irony I completely felt from how the world is changing online is that the purpose of Social Networking is to connect us and make the world a lot smaller yet reality dictates otherwise, the fact that we are doing more and more things online slowly leads us to being more shy and awkward towards real life interaction.

This statistic show how much time an average person spends online…but like all statistics this is an average between people that spend around 1 hour on facebook versus people that spend probably more than 30 hours. Meaning there is still a minor chunk that spends around an hour or so on facebook a month and another minor chunk that probably spend their whole days on facebook but overall, the middle ground is around 7 hours just on facebook.

or this statistic that says how much time we spent playing MMO’s  and watching TV….note this statistic was taken six years ago but it still doesn’t change the fact that we waste so much time on TV and Computer games that this came up because obviously they affect our lives . Think about it, 21 hours of gaming + 7.7 hours of tv= 28.7 hours a week…that’s 2/7th of your whole week drained just playing games!

I am not saying that Social Networks are not helping us meet new people, by jebas the problem is it’s keeping us inside the house more than television and knowing our parent’s gripe back then on how we watch too much television, it only drained 7.7 hours a week from our lives!


Keeping us inside I say? Well…

I already mentioned you can order food, order groceries, buy clothes online on this blog and now we can even get degrees online  and even online supplementary classes to help you get said online degree.

One cannot help but wonder why the news of a kid who has never really had ever had any outside interaction who earned a master’s degree from an online university hasn’t came out yet….

Maybe it’s because the fear that we’re all completely going online isn’t real at all. Maybe all MMORPG’ers don’t rage like this guy below

but one cannot help but slightly worry about it. What do you think your parents felt when they saw the contraption that is called the Wii?

Though like the very first statistic I posted, there’s a minor chunk that barely uses the internet, another chunk at the other end that uses it a little too much and the middle ground where most of the people are that just uses it about right.

I’m referring to the people that goes online for more than 12 hours a day…[and quite possibly that kid that tried to insert the remote control through his poop chute]

It presses the question…..are some people getting online addiction?


Hey everyone, I noticed that my thread about social networks tended to lean to towards the conservative side [ergo, in a negative and bashy-bashy way].

So with this final post about the topic I would like to balance the scales  [much like how Luke Skywalker balanced the forces between the jedi and sith] and much like Star Wars, my posts are going to have only the original and good trilogy, nothing more.

Without further ado, I will bring you a new hope brought to us by Social Networks!!!





What are social networks good for?

1. Social Networks alongside the internet and other forms of long-distance communication, has helped make the world smaller and more interconnected. The convenience of sending information to and fro and still retaining a copy view-able anytime [provided you have internet access on the go]. For all I know some kid in the Philippines must be reading my blog and saying “Lame, next!”. This is a change of pace as to what we were used to back then when we thought making long (often expensive) distance calls was already putting the world together, now with skype we can share a conversation with 50 other people while at the same time sharing videos of Fred over said skype conversations.

Coincidentally, never has everyone been brought together for the sole purpose of throat punching this guy.

2.Social network has been a great tool for keeping in touch with others and organizing events and basically like one giant internet bulletin board that anyone can post for everyone, for example, I just organized a bonfire for July and invited 20 people in less than 10 minutes….think about back then where you wanna invite your friends you’d either have to go to the town square and shout your lungs out or get a guy with a horse to deliver your letters for you


Here’s Jeb, he’ll make sure to deliver the letters for ya

3. Even like real life, Social Networks will accept you for who you are and , there’s always the handy ‘join a group’ section to join said group about Yu-Gi-Oh/Plant/Vampire fanatics

This is what plant people grow all the time right?

4. Like Online gaming, this is also a way of meeting new people and making new connections around the globe, heck, entire corporations like Blizzard’s WoW, MySpace, Facebook and even these blogging communities are thriving on social networks and the need and feel to play, communicate, interact, share, argue with other people is their basic sustainability.

So really, these are the benefits of social network….not all of us can really weigh the benefit vs the downside of social network. Like the internet, when you use one, you use at your own risk due to the amount of information you are willing to share to the members of a social network and to be honest, nothing really is perfectly safe. The laptop you’re holding right now can explode at any moment, the water you’re drinking could be contaminated, heck…even stepping outside has a risk of you getting ran over, mugged, something dropping from the sky it’s a wonder we still go out and have a life.


*I apologize, this was just a short follow-up to add the positive side of the blog

**I apologize that there are not a lot of links since this mainly streams from personal experience

***and lastly, I apologize because this was not really intended, like Star Wars, I liked it better when the Empire was winning

Have a good day everyone

Excuse the cheesy, not so creative and probably not as good as the original title of this blog post. This week has been brutal to me both in terms of the physical and mental sphere not to mention the aspect of testing your friendships but I’ll droll you with my personal issues later.

[Blogger’s/ Delusional guy’s note: This is a follow up post because the last post did not feel like it conveyed my point and I got word drunk and kept typing whatever came up in my head]

I seem to have digressed quite a lot from my last post as to explaining the aspects of Social Networking.  Remember my very very simple definition of social networking? If you don’t then GET OUT! GET OUT ALL OF YOU’S !!!

[Transmission interrupted]

Enjoy this really adorable chubby chipmunk as we inform Mr. Hungryandbored why he can't do this- Legal

[Transmission continued]

Err…according to the legal department people [and the pipes they were holding that would connect to my kneecaps] I actually can’t kick you out nor close this blog down just because I felt like it.

Without further ado, Social Network in its simplest form is a friendship/connection between individuals or groups.

Facebook doesn’t define what a social network should or should not be. The concept of social network, that I personally think, is a sense that you don’t need to be alone regardless of whoever you are. Take this hypothetical example: You’re a nerdy kid that happens to be passionate about yu-gi-oh cards yet no one in your local community shares your interest? Here we go, a Yu-Gi-Oh cards forum. You a city dweller living in an apartment but have a legendary greenthumb? These guys might be able to help you and share commons grounds as well. You’re the gothic type living in the sub-urbs of happy-go-lucky people? [eww] Here we go, a whole community dedicated for vampires.

While we’re at here, there’s also the online gaming community. People, behold…. THE ANTICHRIST!!!

Nothing good can come out of this....

All kidding aside,  World of Warcraft is a very successful MMORPG with almost 12 million subscribers. Wow, imagine a game where 12 million people connect, interact, play together regardless of their age, gender, religious affiliation, or any other factors we usually do to weed out and exclude people from real-life social gatherings. This is one advantage of being on an online social network, like an MMORPG, you can be yourself or anyone you could ever desire [provided you can pull it off and never, ever need to meet the people you’re impressing ]. What’s more, an MMORPG is not completely senseless as it is an intractable social

Yet with all these said aside, we are given the comfort that even if the real life local community doesn’t accept us, we can always find someone or something out there on the interweb for us. No matter what our pet peeves, our interests, our disfigurement and what not that defines us who we are, we will always find something out there for us. No need to follow the mainstream, no need to conform for there will always be a place to accept us.

The above fact disturbs me.

Little known fact, I’m a traditionalist by heart yet I am quite liberal regarding other people’s lives [I called it not giving a damn but legal said the liberal part was good for PR] but one thing that disturbs me is the fact that you don’t need to conform. Societies and cultures weren’t built because everybody followed their own idea. No, civilization triumphed because everyone agreed time to stop wandering about and plant stuff, civilization persevered because everyone agreed to build infrastructure from sturdier and sturdier materials and not because ‘I felt like using snow because it’s just laying around and I don’t need to kill a poor tree”

I AM A GENIUS! Now I have the perfect solution when the weather gets to a 100 degrees - Guy who has no contribution to the gene pool

Case and point, this is bad because:

1. Most people that play videogame more than just a few hours are more likely to be unhealthy [Don’t believe me? Go outside and find the nearest living small fluffy thing you can fit in your two hands, now go and catch that bugger!]


Congratulations, asides giving the squirrel a complex, you just proved that your body has atrophied to the point that you no longer possess your ancestors’ keen hunting/survival skills. Way to go Spartacus MMXI

2. Ask yourself, when you are watching T.V. or playing a video game would you rather stop what you are doing to do a chore or go with ‘One more level mom!’ This is bad, very very bad

Let’s use World of Warcraft as an example, these are the features

1. Has 2 Opposing Factions [alliance vs horde]

2. 6 Races on each faction, each with their unique history and ability

3. 10 Classes available to each of those races

4. A dozen or so professions

5. A massive MMORPG world

6. 3 Expansions since it’s release

Congratulations, you have completely removed my spine Mr. Lich King

7. Features: Player vs Environment[ where you kill monsters]

b. Player vs Player [you kill other players]

c. Dungeons [really hard PvE with greater rewards]

d. Raids A special version of the dungeon where you must form parties, organize and charge to complete a specific quest or clear a zone of special monsters

e. Achievements [doing random things in the game and getting Achievement points that are not redeemable whatsoever]

I could go on and on and on about what World of Warcraft has to offer but here’s the main point.

These things are meant for you to keep playing the game

Humanity, gets bored easily if they do the same exact thing over and over, that’s why over the seven years of it’s existence WoW has had 3 game expansions and a market of almost 12 million people who, apparently, enjoys their new stuff enough to play the game. Yet, I find this notion disturbing….for example

This is my buddy, Sean Taylor he’s been playing a game called League of Legends and World of Warcraft. Do the math, 960 hours on LoL and 905 hours on WoW….he played these two games at the same time in both less than a year.

Doing your math right, that’s at least 35 hours a week [roughly around 1/5 of your week]  if we go for the full year basis. [Unfortunately, I will not show you a picture of his physique, but do know he is quite pudgy]

He is a perfect example of the above mentioned example with the squirrel, in relation to kids [man in this case] getting obese based on the hours they clock in playing computer games. Social Networks are not a bad thing, sure my friend is socially awkward in real life, got made fun of because he is what you call a ‘Ginger‘ kid. Note Urban dictionary is not the best source for these kind of info but it gives you a general reflection as to what are society’s opinions towards him.

Main point for that whole mess of things I’m saying up there…

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to seek out a group that accepts you, by all means, do whatever it takes you to be happy

My only concern is we got so involved with our virtual lives that we are beginning to neglect our real one

At some point you have to conform to society, whether you like it or not

Unfortunately, the switch from the real world to the online one is inevitable, how we’ll adjust to it might determine our fate in the near future

Please, please open the window blinds and breathe the sunshine and if you can, just go run around the block…not even a mile…just around the block

One more thing, remember the squirrel you traumatized? He had friends…


Lucky for you, he played too much Modern Warfare




Last but not least, tomorrow’s my birthday ^_^

Also, scratch the trouble, my close friend decided she’s going to come to my celebration afterall




Hello there, I just finished eating a meal so I am just bored now. I left off last time discussing how email has transformed how we communicated (in a non-vocal sense) over the past few decades. I wish to introduce today’s topic. Social-Networks!

What is a social network you may ask? (Don’t pretend you’re not asking, we know you totally do) you hear the words get tossed around by the media and those tech-savvy nerds but what the heck does it mean. Well, you could simply look it up with google (an internet search engine that makes looking for things so much easier) but take my simple definition for it: A social network in its simplest form is a friendship/connection between individuals or groups.

Now at this point you may be wondering “Ok, we get what a social network is, what’s the point Mr. notsohungrybutstillbored?” I want to step back and ask ‘Do you have a facebook account?’ Most of you would say yes. In fact according to this statistics from the website itself at least 1/12th of the world is registered in facebook and 1/24th of the world uses facebook on a daily basis, that is a LOT OF PEOPLE my friends.

Facebook is one of the many social networking websites out there and unfortunately one of the most notorious. See, they really have a lot of trouble regarding keeping privacy, taking down deleted photos, and basically selling out your profile to specific companies [ever noticed the advertisements on the right hand side of your profile tends to be related to something you like?]

Yet Facebook isn’t just a big-bad metaphysical entity that’s hell bent on selling you out (Am I doing good Master Zuckerberg?). How would Mr. Bored prove his point?

Say hello to PhotoDNA, it is a specific program created by Microsoft for facebook to recognize a cropped or altered photo from its original source. It is very useful for those sick people that decides to fill their facebooks with cropped versions of their sick photos that they just pasted on facebook. It is also very useful because if you need to track a specific child that’s gone missing well hell PhotoDNA!

What’s that? I hear someone saying “You still did not answer my question up there, also, you’re not funny!

Must...not...solve....with....SAWS, SAWS FOR EVERYTHING!

If you haven’t noticed a trend in what I am trying to show you, I am trying to slowly ease you all into showing everyone that our culture is shifting online.

Don’t believe me? Look at the crimes back then, bank robberies, mugging, murder, stealing your mail, stealing your newspaper and I could go on…

Now what is the problem? We have hackers stealing from bank accounts; we have banks getting their costumer’s identities, people getting their credit card info stolen, people losing their game character (apparently considered murder), hacking into your email account, and so on.

Heck, the way we even shop:

Groceries? Safeway’s got your back

Order food? Grubhub to the rescue

Shop for clothes?  Most major retailers offer an online catalog where you can order clothes that you can’t arse yourself to go down to the store to buy [adding shipping of course]

The world is changing, from the crimes that are committed to how we counter the crimes being committed (case and point, the PhotoDNA). Though a lot of people are fearful of the future, especially with the features of the future there is the distinct possibility that once enough people shift to the online culture and the online culture is brought down….it can cause destabilization.

Now don’t go worrying, really. This is inevitable.

Go back to my very first blog post about the revolutionary brick phone. Heck, I bet you $100 nobody welcomed that very expensive brick phone as an innovation. What do you think the conservative people thought when they first came across electricity? Nuclear power? The Tele-friking-Phone….

Really, this is inevitable and I suggest everyone to ease in..

From here on out however, I might have to take some time to re-take a new view at the direction of my blog….


for Mr or Ms non believer who thought I wasn’t funny , if you can just open door #2 you will find a little surprise I set up just for you


Didn't SAW this one coming huh?'re not laughing...SAW!!

















On a side note, I highly recommend watching “Social Network”. It is an interesting movie regarding the foundation of Facebook and the struggle for intellectual property rights….a conflict that has existed with inventions back then till the present.

Welcome to today’s episode of hungryandbored, I want to recap Tuesday’s posting about the evolution of technology [at least within the telecommunication industry] and I want to continue from my ending statement about the possibilities of the future.

I mentioned in my previous post the capabilities of the phones of today doing more functions than a phone is required to do. Let’s stop for a moment and think how we the people of the present are now communicating compared to back then. Back in the day, what did we use to communicate with people over long distances? Why we use the good old fashioned hand-written letter that takes months, even years to be delivered from either horseback, bundled within a caravan or overseas with your local caravel. Imagine if you want to write to your wife (you probably don’t but let’s pretend that you do, and ladies, we won’t judge if you had wives back then too), and it takes the local guy with horse three months to jebas knows when from one side of the country to the other, imagine how long it would take to finish one proper conversation with the wife? Wow…if today we only had something that would make writing letters so much easier and faster….

(Spoiler: We do)

Thankfully, the solution has existed since the middle 1960’s the concept of email in the form of MAILBOX existed throughout the MIT system. I won’t bog you down with the details of email because if you’re reading this, you probably know how to navigate around the internet already. Then we have web services provided by Yahoo, AOL and other large internet-based companies that hosts your email address.

And as I mentioned earlier, how the phones are evolving (possibly faster than us), now you too can write a letter in your phone while you are on the move. Long gone are the days must you wet your quill with ink and scribbling whatever gibberish you deem fit for your wife to read on papyrus, instead now you can draft an email while riding the subway and by the time you get out, you’re only one button away to sending that email to multiple people who will receive it within the minute (possibly on their phones too and reply within an hour or so).

If you haven’t noticed at this point, I am trying to show you how we are slowly shifting from physical communication to a textual/online form.

I’d go on with a strong ending statement about emails and whatnot but I can only be bored for so long before hunger takes over.

Tune in next post while I try to say something awesome about: ‘Social Networking’ [Cue dramatic music]


Source: History of the internet by Ian Peters





Ever looked at the phone you have in your hand right now and marveled as to how far we have achieved in the lines of technological advancement?


Take for instance back then the closest thing we had to the phone was the walkie talkie. It was a handheld radio transceiver that could only work up to a distance of a mile (at most). Operating on the radio waves sadly exposes it to eavesdroppers and tends to be susceptible to interference and distortions (Its predecessor, the shout-at-people and throwing rocks at them didn’t fair so well either…especially the latter)

Then came the heavy bulky ‘brick’ phones , these handy dandy monstrosities that dominated the late 90’s and early 00’s would set you back $3995 (Hey, a decent old car!!!) which is in today’s money, roughly around $8807. Not too bad for a mobile phone the size and weight of a brick, that can only carry a conversation for half an hour if fully charged and by george it was revolutionary during its time.

Then we had the modern cellphone (at least, back in its time it was referred to as ‘modern’) where the ability to text (much like sending short mail letters over long distances back and forth in a short timeline) revolutionized.

My definition of the modern phone is sadly the nokia 3210, it was one step above my father’s brick-phone that weighed a ton with my tiny hands (I was 7 when I ‘inherited’ my brother’s nokia 3210). I kept the nokia 3210 for nearly a decade until last year I bought something phenomenal that opened my eyes to where we stand now.

Then we have something that is called the iPhone, asides from functioning like a normal phone it can also act like a music player, a handheld internet surfer, a small handheld console, and a multitude of things that its app lets it function and this is coming from someone who doesn’t fully appreciate (read: obsess) about iPhone to its maximum potential nor really liked Apple products. Then we have other magnificent smart phones like theGoogle Nexus, and HTC EVO 4G and these two are just the tip of the iceberg of the new generation of smart phones that now flood the mainstream.

One cannot help but to wonder, with all these amazing innovations in the technology; specifically in the telecommunication field, what the future would be like ten, twenty, fifty years from now? We can only imagine (and ride on our hovercars since wheels are so last century)



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