Ever looked at the phone you have in your hand right now and marveled as to how far we have achieved in the lines of technological advancement?


Take for instance back then the closest thing we had to the phone was the walkie talkie. It was a handheld radio transceiver that could only work up to a distance of a mile (at most). Operating on the radio waves sadly exposes it to eavesdroppers and tends to be susceptible to interference and distortions (Its predecessor, the shout-at-people and throwing rocks at them didn’t fair so well either…especially the latter)

Then came the heavy bulky ‘brick’ phones , these handy dandy monstrosities that dominated the late 90’s and early 00’s would set you back $3995 (Hey, a decent old car!!!) which is in today’s money, roughly around $8807. Not too bad for a mobile phone the size and weight of a brick, that can only carry a conversation for half an hour if fully charged and by george it was revolutionary during its time.

Then we had the modern cellphone (at least, back in its time it was referred to as ‘modern’) where the ability to text (much like sending short mail letters over long distances back and forth in a short timeline) revolutionized.

My definition of the modern phone is sadly the nokia 3210, it was one step above my father’s brick-phone that weighed a ton with my tiny hands (I was 7 when I ‘inherited’ my brother’s nokia 3210). I kept the nokia 3210 for nearly a decade until last year I bought something phenomenal that opened my eyes to where we stand now.

Then we have something that is called the iPhone, asides from functioning like a normal phone it can also act like a music player, a handheld internet surfer, a small handheld console, and a multitude of things that its app lets it function and this is coming from someone who doesn’t fully appreciate (read: obsess) about iPhone to its maximum potential nor really liked Apple products. Then we have other magnificent smart phones like theGoogle Nexus, and HTC EVO 4G and these two are just the tip of the iceberg of the new generation of smart phones that now flood the mainstream.

One cannot help but to wonder, with all these amazing innovations in the technology; specifically in the telecommunication field, what the future would be like ten, twenty, fifty years from now? We can only imagine (and ride on our hovercars since wheels are so last century)