Hello there, I just finished eating a meal so I am just bored now. I left off last time discussing how email has transformed how we communicated (in a non-vocal sense) over the past few decades. I wish to introduce today’s topic. Social-Networks!

What is a social network you may ask? (Don’t pretend you’re not asking, we know you totally do) you hear the words get tossed around by the media and those tech-savvy nerds but what the heck does it mean. Well, you could simply look it up with google (an internet search engine that makes looking for things so much easier) but take my simple definition for it: A social network in its simplest form is a friendship/connection between individuals or groups.

Now at this point you may be wondering “Ok, we get what a social network is, what’s the point Mr. notsohungrybutstillbored?” I want to step back and ask ‘Do you have a facebook account?’ Most of you would say yes. In fact according to this statistics from the website itself at least 1/12th of the world is registered in facebook and 1/24th of the world uses facebook on a daily basis, that is a LOT OF PEOPLE my friends.

Facebook is one of the many social networking websites out there and unfortunately one of the most notorious. See, they really have a lot of trouble regarding keeping privacy, taking down deleted photos, and basically selling out your profile to specific companies [ever noticed the advertisements on the right hand side of your profile tends to be related to something you like?]

Yet Facebook isn’t just a big-bad metaphysical entity that’s hell bent on selling you out (Am I doing good Master Zuckerberg?). How would Mr. Bored prove his point?

Say hello to PhotoDNA, it is a specific program created by Microsoft for facebook to recognize a cropped or altered photo from its original source. It is very useful for those sick people that decides to fill their facebooks with cropped versions of their sick photos that they just pasted on facebook. It is also very useful because if you need to track a specific child that’s gone missing well hell PhotoDNA!

What’s that? I hear someone saying “You still did not answer my question up there, also, you’re not funny!

Must...not...solve....with....SAWS, SAWS FOR EVERYTHING!

If you haven’t noticed a trend in what I am trying to show you, I am trying to slowly ease you all into showing everyone that our culture is shifting online.

Don’t believe me? Look at the crimes back then, bank robberies, mugging, murder, stealing your mail, stealing your newspaper and I could go on…

Now what is the problem? We have hackers stealing from bank accounts; we have banks getting their costumer’s identities, people getting their credit card info stolen, people losing their game character (apparently considered murder), hacking into your email account, and so on.

Heck, the way we even shop:

Groceries? Safeway’s got your back

Order food? Grubhub to the rescue

Shop for clothes?  Most major retailers offer an online catalog where you can order clothes that you can’t arse yourself to go down to the store to buy [adding shipping of course]

The world is changing, from the crimes that are committed to how we counter the crimes being committed (case and point, the PhotoDNA). Though a lot of people are fearful of the future, especially with the features of the future there is the distinct possibility that once enough people shift to the online culture and the online culture is brought down….it can cause destabilization.

Now don’t go worrying, really. This is inevitable.

Go back to my very first blog post about the revolutionary brick phone. Heck, I bet you $100 nobody welcomed that very expensive brick phone as an innovation. What do you think the conservative people thought when they first came across electricity? Nuclear power? The Tele-friking-Phone….

Really, this is inevitable and I suggest everyone to ease in..

From here on out however, I might have to take some time to re-take a new view at the direction of my blog….


for Mr or Ms non believer who thought I wasn’t funny , if you can just open door #2 you will find a little surprise I set up just for you


Didn't SAW this one coming huh? Hahahaha...hah....you're not laughing...SAW!!

















On a side note, I highly recommend watching “Social Network”. It is an interesting movie regarding the foundation of Facebook and the struggle for intellectual property rights….a conflict that has existed with inventions back then till the present.