Excuse the cheesy, not so creative and probably not as good as the original title of this blog post. This week has been brutal to me both in terms of the physical and mental sphere not to mention the aspect of testing your friendships but I’ll droll you with my personal issues later.

[Blogger’s/ Delusional guy’s note: This is a follow up post because the last post did not feel like it conveyed my point and I got word drunk and kept typing whatever came up in my head]

I seem to have digressed quite a lot from my last post as to explaining the aspects of Social Networking.  Remember my very very simple definition of social networking? If you don’t then GET OUT! GET OUT ALL OF YOU’S !!!

[Transmission interrupted]

Enjoy this really adorable chubby chipmunk as we inform Mr. Hungryandbored why he can't do this- Legal

[Transmission continued]

Err…according to the legal department people [and the pipes they were holding that would connect to my kneecaps] I actually can’t kick you out nor close this blog down just because I felt like it.

Without further ado, Social Network in its simplest form is a friendship/connection between individuals or groups.

Facebook doesn’t define what a social network should or should not be. The concept of social network, that I personally think, is a sense that you don’t need to be alone regardless of whoever you are. Take this hypothetical example: You’re a nerdy kid that happens to be passionate about yu-gi-oh cards yet no one in your local community shares your interest? Here we go, a Yu-Gi-Oh cards forum. You a city dweller living in an apartment but have a legendary greenthumb? These guys might be able to help you and share commons grounds as well. You’re the gothic type living in the sub-urbs of happy-go-lucky people? [eww] Here we go, a whole community dedicated for vampires.

While we’re at here, there’s also the online gaming community. People, behold…. THE ANTICHRIST!!!

Nothing good can come out of this....

All kidding aside,  World of Warcraft is a very successful MMORPG with almost 12 million subscribers. Wow, imagine a game where 12 million people connect, interact, play together regardless of their age, gender, religious affiliation, or any other factors we usually do to weed out and exclude people from real-life social gatherings. This is one advantage of being on an online social network, like an MMORPG, you can be yourself or anyone you could ever desire [provided you can pull it off and never, ever need to meet the people you’re impressing ]. What’s more, an MMORPG is not completely senseless as it is an intractable social

Yet with all these said aside, we are given the comfort that even if the real life local community doesn’t accept us, we can always find someone or something out there on the interweb for us. No matter what our pet peeves, our interests, our disfigurement and what not that defines us who we are, we will always find something out there for us. No need to follow the mainstream, no need to conform for there will always be a place to accept us.

The above fact disturbs me.

Little known fact, I’m a traditionalist by heart yet I am quite liberal regarding other people’s lives [I called it not giving a damn but legal said the liberal part was good for PR] but one thing that disturbs me is the fact that you don’t need to conform. Societies and cultures weren’t built because everybody followed their own idea. No, civilization triumphed because everyone agreed time to stop wandering about and plant stuff, civilization persevered because everyone agreed to build infrastructure from sturdier and sturdier materials and not because ‘I felt like using snow because it’s just laying around and I don’t need to kill a poor tree”

I AM A GENIUS! Now I have the perfect solution when the weather gets to a 100 degrees - Guy who has no contribution to the gene pool

Case and point, this is bad because:

1. Most people that play videogame more than just a few hours are more likely to be unhealthy [Don’t believe me? Go outside and find the nearest living small fluffy thing you can fit in your two hands, now go and catch that bugger!]


Congratulations, asides giving the squirrel a complex, you just proved that your body has atrophied to the point that you no longer possess your ancestors’ keen hunting/survival skills. Way to go Spartacus MMXI

2. Ask yourself, when you are watching T.V. or playing a video game would you rather stop what you are doing to do a chore or go with ‘One more level mom!’ This is bad, very very bad

Let’s use World of Warcraft as an example, these are the features

1. Has 2 Opposing Factions [alliance vs horde]

2. 6 Races on each faction, each with their unique history and ability

3. 10 Classes available to each of those races

4. A dozen or so professions


5. A massive MMORPG world

6. 3 Expansions since it’s release

Congratulations, you have completely removed my spine Mr. Lich King

7. Features:

a.like Player vs Environment[ where you kill monsters]

b. Player vs Player [you kill other players]

c. Dungeons [really hard PvE with greater rewards]

d. Raids A special version of the dungeon where you must form parties, organize and charge to complete a specific quest or clear a zone of special monsters

e. Achievements [doing random things in the game and getting Achievement points that are not redeemable whatsoever]

I could go on and on and on about what World of Warcraft has to offer but here’s the main point.

These things are meant for you to keep playing the game

Humanity, gets bored easily if they do the same exact thing over and over, that’s why over the seven years of it’s existence WoW has had 3 game expansions and a market of almost 12 million people who, apparently, enjoys their new stuff enough to play the game. Yet, I find this notion disturbing….for example

This is my buddy, Sean Taylor he’s been playing a game called League of Legends and World of Warcraft. Do the math, 960 hours on LoL and 905 hours on WoW….he played these two games at the same time in both less than a year.

Doing your math right, that’s at least 35 hours a week [roughly around 1/5 of your week]  if we go for the full year basis. [Unfortunately, I will not show you a picture of his physique, but do know he is quite pudgy]

He is a perfect example of the above mentioned example with the squirrel, in relation to kids [man in this case] getting obese based on the hours they clock in playing computer games. Social Networks are not a bad thing, sure my friend is socially awkward in real life, got made fun of because he is what you call a ‘Ginger‘ kid. Note Urban dictionary is not the best source for these kind of info but it gives you a general reflection as to what are society’s opinions towards him.

Main point for that whole mess of things I’m saying up there…

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to seek out a group that accepts you, by all means, do whatever it takes you to be happy

My only concern is we got so involved with our virtual lives that we are beginning to neglect our real one

At some point you have to conform to society, whether you like it or not

Unfortunately, the switch from the real world to the online one is inevitable, how we’ll adjust to it might determine our fate in the near future

Please, please open the window blinds and breathe the sunshine and if you can, just go run around the block…not even a mile…just around the block

One more thing, remember the squirrel you traumatized? He had friends…


Lucky for you, he played too much Modern Warfare




Last but not least, tomorrow’s my birthday ^_^

Also, scratch the trouble, my close friend decided she’s going to come to my celebration afterall