Hey everyone, I noticed that my thread about social networks tended to lean to towards the conservative side [ergo, in a negative and bashy-bashy way].

So with this final post about the topic I would like to balance the scales  [much like how Luke Skywalker balanced the forces between the jedi and sith] and much like Star Wars, my posts are going to have only the original and good trilogy, nothing more.

Without further ado, I will bring you a new hope brought to us by Social Networks!!!





What are social networks good for?

1. Social Networks alongside the internet and other forms of long-distance communication, has helped make the world smaller and more interconnected. The convenience of sending information to and fro and still retaining a copy view-able anytime [provided you have internet access on the go]. For all I know some kid in the Philippines must be reading my blog and saying “Lame, next!”. This is a change of pace as to what we were used to back then when we thought making long (often expensive) distance calls was already putting the world together, now with skype we can share a conversation with 50 other people while at the same time sharing videos of Fred over said skype conversations.

Coincidentally, never has everyone been brought together for the sole purpose of throat punching this guy.

2.Social network has been a great tool for keeping in touch with others and organizing events and basically like one giant internet bulletin board that anyone can post for everyone, for example, I just organized a bonfire for July and invited 20 people in less than 10 minutes….think about back then where you wanna invite your friends you’d either have to go to the town square and shout your lungs out or get a guy with a horse to deliver your letters for you


Here’s Jeb, he’ll make sure to deliver the letters for ya

3. Even like real life, Social Networks will accept you for who you are and , there’s always the handy ‘join a group’ section to join said group about Yu-Gi-Oh/Plant/Vampire fanatics

This is what plant people grow all the time right?

4. Like Online gaming, this is also a way of meeting new people and making new connections around the globe, heck, entire corporations like Blizzard’s WoW, MySpace, Facebook and even these blogging communities are thriving on social networks and the need and feel to play, communicate, interact, share, argue with other people is their basic sustainability.

So really, these are the benefits of social network….not all of us can really weigh the benefit vs the downside of social network. Like the internet, when you use one, you use at your own risk due to the amount of information you are willing to share to the members of a social network and to be honest, nothing really is perfectly safe. The laptop you’re holding right now can explode at any moment, the water you’re drinking could be contaminated, heck…even stepping outside has a risk of you getting ran over, mugged, something dropping from the sky it’s a wonder we still go out and have a life.


*I apologize, this was just a short follow-up to add the positive side of the blog

**I apologize that there are not a lot of links since this mainly streams from personal experience

***and lastly, I apologize because this was not really intended, like Star Wars, I liked it better when the Empire was winning

Have a good day everyone