You can tell this post is gonna suck so I'm gonna take a break. Feel free to suck on this coconut by the way, it's pretty fresh.

Here we are….like the franchise I’m trying to insert [it’s Star Wars if you can’t pay attention to the middle part of my writing] this is where it ends [very miserably].

This is the end guys!I’m going to wrap up this thread and start anew a series blog,  so pull up a coconut and allow me to chop it for you so we can enjoy some fresh coconut juice on this last ride!

[You might wanna step back a bit….general rule of thumb is that pointy objects and me don’t mesh very well]

This blog started out really loosely about the topic of technology and how it changed communication [specifically the way we communicated] and how it evolved alongside our culture and civilization. Then I jumped unto the topic of social networking too many times and got stuck in it.

Really, times are a changing. Back then you had to go to a specific club for your interests or go outside and attend a party or a social gathering just to meet new people . Back then everything we needed required our physical presence in order to be done.

Take for example banking

Back then…

You usually get to talk to these nice old ladies and there's usually a glass of Tang afterwards


Above is wellsfargo, one of the bank that let’s you do everything at the comfort of your own home and if you needed technical help you can call them up from your computer with Skype’s call feature , yes, Skype can even call landlines. You really don’t need a phone once you have a computer and a decent internet speed.

Going back to my 3rd blog post, Social Network is a connection between individuals. It has been useful in keeping in touch with people even when you are oceans apart [for example, my friends greeted me on my birthday a week ago a day early [technically it was a day ahead in the Philippines but a day later here]

Really…the irony I completely felt from how the world is changing online is that the purpose of Social Networking is to connect us and make the world a lot smaller yet reality dictates otherwise, the fact that we are doing more and more things online slowly leads us to being more shy and awkward towards real life interaction.

This statistic show how much time an average person spends online…but like all statistics this is an average between people that spend around 1 hour on facebook versus people that spend probably more than 30 hours. Meaning there is still a minor chunk that spends around an hour or so on facebook a month and another minor chunk that probably spend their whole days on facebook but overall, the middle ground is around 7 hours just on facebook.

or this statistic that says how much time we spent playing MMO’s  and watching TV….note this statistic was taken six years ago but it still doesn’t change the fact that we waste so much time on TV and Computer games that this came up because obviously they affect our lives . Think about it, 21 hours of gaming + 7.7 hours of tv= 28.7 hours a week…that’s 2/7th of your whole week drained just playing games!

I am not saying that Social Networks are not helping us meet new people, by jebas the problem is it’s keeping us inside the house more than television and knowing our parent’s gripe back then on how we watch too much television, it only drained 7.7 hours a week from our lives!


Keeping us inside I say? Well…

I already mentioned you can order food, order groceries, buy clothes online on this blog and now we can even get degrees online  and even online supplementary classes to help you get said online degree.

One cannot help but wonder why the news of a kid who has never really had ever had any outside interaction who earned a master’s degree from an online university hasn’t came out yet….

Maybe it’s because the fear that we’re all completely going online isn’t real at all. Maybe all MMORPG’ers don’t rage like this guy below

but one cannot help but slightly worry about it. What do you think your parents felt when they saw the contraption that is called the Wii?

Though like the very first statistic I posted, there’s a minor chunk that barely uses the internet, another chunk at the other end that uses it a little too much and the middle ground where most of the people are that just uses it about right.

I’m referring to the people that goes online for more than 12 hours a day…[and quite possibly that kid that tried to insert the remote control through his poop chute]

It presses the question…..are some people getting online addiction?